Calzoncillos CO JONES de algodón hechos en España - Underwear C.O. JONES

No side seams
95% cotton
Light and Breathable

You'll never go back to average underwear

Our story

It’s a challenge to go about your day with a wedgie, chaffing, bunching , or BO. It’s even harder to do so with a smile. That’s why, in 2018, we decided to put a smile on your ’C.O. JONES ’. Not literally.

Our company is built on the idea that a man can only be his best when he is comfortable and content.

Our promise

At C.O. JONES we are dedicated to bring all men the tools to a healthier wholesome life. Health is not just about green juices and working out. Health is about taking care of yourself in order to fully live life.
We want to protect your “C.O. JONES” and we like a laugh while doing it, because it’s healthy.

calzoncillo algodon españa color negro

The collection

Trendy is great but short lived. We combine quality, comfort and attention to detail to redefine a basic necessity – underpants. In doing so we converted them into a tool for health and performance. Our collection is designed to give men the support they need to feel in control. No matter what your style, when you feel good, you look good.

More than clothes

Made in Spain

We use Spanish textiles, skill and tradition to integrate our product. A thriving local community and a low carbon footprint are the positive byproducts of the “C.O. JONES” approach.



We care and control from the idea to the finished product. Only the best for your “Jones” to rest.

Positive attitude

We like to face challenges with a smile and hope the end results is a smile right back at us. Live, laugh and let them breath.


We are 100% made in Spain. Our company is based in Madrid, where we take pride in being part of an open and creative community. Designed in Madrid, made in Valencia.

With a team of professionals, we manufacture pure seamless softness. Spanish craftsmanship meets innovative technology. In the spirit of self- care, we raise the standards for underwear.

Calzoncillos CO JONES de algodón hechos en España - Underwear C.O. JONES

What is your color?

Show the world your true colors with our selection of classics and bolds.




Our highest priority is taking care of your body. A healthy man, gives his best.


Your health is our priority and our mission is to raise awareness and support initiatives that which also do so, thus improving your quality of life.


At C.O. Jones we work and adapt to any challenges that arise. Our ethos permits us to shake free from tradition and allows an alternative vision for all our products.

Have a problem, doubt or just feel like having a chat?

Our Consumer Comfort Team is here to help. We are human and eager to listen.

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